I am sooo sorry little one!

I was in a rush,

grocery shopping for Passover and Easter,

(Yes we celebrate all the holidays)…

I race into the store and grab a buggy…

And scream!

Flinging my hand at the unexpected softness under my fingers.

The little anole was tossed into the air

Landing on the tiled supermarket floor in front of my feet.

I am soo sorry!

Sometimes the unexpected provokes us into reflexive actions…

It takes training and practice to be kind and compassionate in all moments.

The anole scurried off under a bread rack….

My apologies fell to the ground as well,

Useless to the lizard…

Seeking forgiveness is only helpful when it is accompanied by commitment

to future actions

And daily practices.

About eteal

Reverend Teal is a minister, chaplain, artist and storyteller. She specializes in the human-animal bond and all its healing aspects.
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1 Response to Surprise

  1. Mickey says:

    Thanks for reassuring me that I’m not the only one who frets over anoles and tiny green frogs, and sometimes in trying to help them have put them in greater danger.

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