Our Mission

The Ministry of Animals affirms and promotes the healing and helpful aspects of our relationships with ourselves and other species.  We strive to be a practical, educational, healing, hopeful/spiritual, and community-building organization.

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2 Responses to Our Mission

  1. M says:

    A friend of mine, and also an OSIS alumni, Rev Lisa Bansavage, told me of your minisitry. I am very moved by the work you do.
    I too have a ministry of sorts with animals, and feel that is my calling, though I don’t as of this moment make a monetary living from that, but it is my life, and I’m living it! Aside from my very pragmatic day job in the insurance industry, I do equine massage, and try to serve animals wherever I find need.
    Your website is wonderful and your work seems amazing! Thank you for your efforts to help all of us live together more joyfully and compassionately. Bright blessings to you and all whose lives you touch.
    Rev. Mary Diane Hausman

    • eteal says:

      Thank you! Equine massage is itself a lovely ministry – and so needed! I wish more stables and those that work/play with horses would avail themselves of it.

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