love and cookies

a tiny crumb of truth

Come to Gratitude –

Come for the pie!


On this midwinter-spring is coming day, please enjoy a new video –

A poetic interlude to animate Hope


small birds flock into tree

click to view in vimeo!

A moment! a reminder!

CLICK HERE for 30 seconds of Ministry from Animals


poodle and prickers

Stuck, Poked & Tangled


Homecoming and coming home.

come home to your heart.


click this link to take you to the video

about ink brush blog

i believe in daily practice.

not that practice make perfect – or even that practice makes permanent –

but practice makes for more skillful ways.

 i believe, from experience, that what we do daily, consciously and with open hearts

helps us to be:

        in healthier and holier relationships with ourselves, with others, and our world;

more responsible for and to ourselves and others;


live a life of sacred reciprocity.

every day i meditate with and in the natural world, reflecting on my interspecies encounters and listening.

running rabbit

this ink brush blog is a result.  Originally i simply destroyed the pictures when i was complete, but i was convinced to post them instead.

my wonderful husband, David F. Dean asked if he could film me one day.  As you can see from the video it is not a traditional sumi-e or Zen practice – it is simply my practice.

this is what he created.

 making films is part of his daily practice.  what’s yours?

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