Manners matter

She was pushing a stroller

I thought it was a baby…

What a lovely stroller, big tires,

Full canopy

Filled with stuffed toys…

Then she reached in a took out a ferret in a little pink outfit,

And held this bedecked pet

Directly in front of my dog!

Stay! I signaled, trying to remember to breathe…

Nose to nose they sniffed…

The poodle cocked his head having never met anyone in the weasel family before…

The ferret twitched Her perfect pink nose,

And everyone showed their best manners…

Well, accept for the owner of the ferret, perhaps.

But we can all be a little blind when it comes to our children,

Adopted or genetic…

Manners matter in all things.

About eteal

Reverend Teal is a minister, chaplain, artist and storyteller. She specializes in the human-animal bond and all its healing aspects.
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