brussel sprouts 1

Roasted and green it slipped from the scene at the table;

and while in mid fall,  observed by all,

plans were made to obtain it.


It hit the the floor and rolled,

leaving a slick of garlicky oil

like a snail leaving a fairy trail

for wee folk to follow.

brussel sprouts 2 cat paw dog mouth

The cat swiped at it first.

The little green orb skittered across the floor.

The pup, drawn, perhaps, by the exotic perfume –

or simply the thrill of the chase  –  pounced –

but the cat was to quick.


Impaled by a claw, the quarry was captured,

licked, and rejected!


The puppy scrambled, jumped and almost caught it –

a smear of green in her teeth was her prize…

“But it smelled so good!?”

as there she stood

with  leaf in her mouth –



Still the orb kept rolling across the floor,

until it could simply roll no more.

It stopped at the snout of the old poodle dog.

brussel sprouts 3

He neither pounced nor swiped nor followed a trail,

but took a deep sniff, and with a wag of his tail, he opened his muzzle wide.

Thus the last brussel sprout was eaten.


What you desire will come your way, be open and ready –

but don’t be afraid to pass on those things that do not feed your soul.

no matter how long you may have chased after them.






About eteal

Reverend Teal is a minister, chaplain, artist and storyteller. She specializes in the human-animal bond and all its healing aspects.
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